Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to participate?

All Manufacturers/Organizations, including Non- Profits and NGOs involved in the production and/or commercialization of sustainable and socially responsible products and services are eligible to submit their entries for review (this includes but it is not limited to Natural, Organic, Fair Trade, Bio, Non-GMO, Healthier, Ethically Sourced, Non-Tested on Animals, Eco-Friendly, Earth-Friendly, Carbon Neutral, Electric, Solar Powered, L.E.A.D. Certified, One 4 One, Cause Marketing Programs, or devices or services that are presented as a solution to solve crucial issues etc). There is no limit to how many products a company can submit. Each company can submit multiple products in multiple categories.

How many products can I submit?

There is no limit to the amount of products you wish to submit. However, there are different entry costs depending on how many products you choose to submit.

Do I have to send product samples?

It is always better for our judges to have a sample of an item submitted. That being said, entrant understands and agrees that up to three product samples may be required for judging purposes based on MSRP, and that these samples may not be returned if used for testing and reviewing purposes. Any product with MSRP over $250 is only required to send one sample. Anyone submitting large furniture or items as such are asked to submit material information and other integral documents pertaining to the item, but are not required to ship products. All samples are to be sent to: B Well Magazine 1072 Casitas Pass Rd, Carpinteria, California 93013

How does the reviewing process work?

All products submitted will be reviewed by a jury composed of Media Editors, Influencers, Celebrity Judges, NCW’s Parents Lab and Experts selected based on their expertise. The judges will then narrow down all the entries to 5 finalists per category. Each finalist will receive a FINALIST BADGE that can be used on all marketing activities and to encourage fans, customers and stakeholders to vote to increase the chance to win. Public voting will commence on July 15th. The company/product/service that will get the majority of the votes within its category will win.

Who is the best contact for questions about the awards?

Garrett Smith is our Eco Excellence Awards director. His email is

Who is Natural Child World Magazine?

Natural CHILD World's ambition is to offer parents a platform to get inspired, informed, contribute, take action, connect with like-minded people, make a difference, and start conversations that have the potential to shape and change the future of our children. All children. With meaningful stories, thought-provoking videos and non-judgmental, open-hearted conversations Natural CHILD World celebrates the good, the bad and the ugly of parenting and parents, emphasizing their crucial role as catalysts of (social) change. Founded 10 years ago by Editor in Chief Barbara Manconi, Natural CHILD World has been a champion of sustainability and social responsibility and continues to support single heartedly the companies and the people committed to find healthier, juster, smarter ways to help children thrive.

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, The nominal submission fee allows us to keep these Awards alive and increase their visibility so that more people will be exposed to your company, products, service or website. The nominal fee depends on how many products you decide to submit: 1-3 products $250 4-5 products $300 6 or more products $350 There is an Early Bird rate ($50 off each tier) available until February 28th, 2020