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Best Baby Food & Feeding Gear 2020

Serenity Kids

Serenity Kids is committed to not only providing babies the highest quality nutrition, but also leaving them a healthier planet. From their eco-friendly packaging to exclusively sourcing from small american farmers that use regenerative agricultural practices, they are dedicated to making a change in our food system. Serenity Kids is the first baby food company made exclusively from ethically sourced meats and organic vegetables grown on small American family farms. Their shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals are nutrient dense, low in sugar, and leave baby nourished and satiated.

Their organic vegetable farm uses innovative techniques to enhance soil health, conserve water, and promote biodiversity on the farm. They also generate electricity from their fruit and vegetable by-product using their own biogas plant. Serenity Kids cases are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material. They’ve partnered with a pouch manufacturing facility that is entirely solar powered and generates more power than it uses which reduces fossil fuel consumption in their region.

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Cherub Baby Glass Baby Bottle with Shock Absorb Sleeve

It's a bottle for life! Made from medical grade borosilicate glass and wrapped in a patented shock absorbing silicone sleeve, this bottle has been independently drop tested to withstand drops from a 2nd storey floor! The ingenious silicone sleeve will turn white if the liquid inside the baby bottle is too hot for baby. When baby grows past the bottle stage, simply switch from a nipple to a sippy spout, then a straw spout and finally it becomes a glass food storage container. That is the kind of lifecycle we want to see from baby products.

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Bamboo Bamboo Elephant Suction Plate

Winners last year with their hero product, the bamboo suction bowl, they are now back with their adorable suction plate. Say bye to plate-flips and throws with the effective and durable suction cup.And Like their other plates, this one is made entirely by all-natural bamboo. So stop worrying about your toddler getting burnt on their plate at mealtime. The cool touch bamboo won’t get hot no matter how warm the food is. Bamboo is also an antibacterial material, so this little elephant will trumpet and stomp away all germs and bacteria, while keeping your child safe from toxins too.

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MadeGood Foods - Mixed Berry Granola Minis

For breakfast and snacks alike, MadeGood offers a wide range of nutritious products in a variety of flavors - all made with real fruit and whole grains. Choose from their line of vegan, organic, and gluten free products. MadeGood products are also made in a dedicated facility free from the eight common allergens: peanut, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. They contain the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables, are only 90 calories and contain 6 grams of sugar! They’re also a certified B Corp Certification.

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