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Best Baby Gear of 2018

Below is a list of winners from the 2018 Eco Excellence Awards in the Baby Gear category. They have all showcased excellence in sustainability, safety, social responsibility, and health and wellness. For the full list of our 2018 Eco Excellence Winners please refer to this page.

Best Stroller - Greentom 3-in-1 Stroller

It's been called the greenest stroller on Planet Earth and is pushing forward the way we conceptualize and make products. The Greentom 3-in-1 Stroller is a beauty to behold. Suited for every modern parent’s lifestyle, this stroller is not only highly sustainable but also comfortable, light, safe and durable. The frames are made from recycled plastic and the fabric is made from recycled drinking bottles. The 3-in-1 has three different looks: it comes with a separate carry-cot attachment, the reversible option (shown above), and the traditional forward facing seat. Meeting the needs of your child at all stage's of his or her's life. Visit Greentom at

Why we love it: Greentom is taking the phrase "less is more" to a whole new realm. Providing comfort, movability, and style in a way that limits damage to our planet. It's a must own for the conscious parent.

Best Baby Carrier - Abiie Huggs Baby Carrier

Abiie's Huggs Contour is an innovative baby carrier built for versatility. Its revolutionary carrier booster seat not only provides all-day comfort, but the ergonomic design ensures a healthy sitting position (frog-leg or M-position) for your growing baby. Huggs Contour is lightweight, yet rugged, and has been designed to deliver the very best ergonomics in every carrying mode, for both the parent and child. Huggs Contour is the perfect companion for parents who want to keep their baby close and comfortable, at anytime and anywhere. Visit Abiie at

Why we love it: The makers at Abiie are not only concerned with the health and posture of a child, but they really address the posture and safety of the adult carrying the child. Strap on the Abiie stroller, and let your child have a comfortable front seat view of the new world around them.

Breastfeeding - Lil'Buds Breast Comfort Packs

Lil'buds are designed to ease pains of breast infections, engorgement, and clogged ducts and can be used to help mothers pump more milk. The packs slim profile and curved shape enables you to wear them comfortably (warm OR cold) in your bra while feeding or in between feeds. Lil'buds Breast Comfort Packs are an eco-friendly solution to treating pains associated with breastfeeding. They are made from 100% cotton flannel, and filled with flax seed. 

Lil'buds surpass other breast comfort packs in quality and earth consciousness. The flax filling allows mothers to use the packs hot or cold, and the arc-shape packs allow for even heat/cold distribution on the breast when in use.  No plastic or chemicals are used in the packs and their 100% biodegradable composition contribute to healthier living and a healthier environment. Check them out at

Why we love it: In a world where we are surrounded by toxins at any given moment, it is important that we eliminate our direct exposure to chemicals, radiation, etc as much as we can. Lilllemer accomplishes this with Lil'Buds while delivering a product that performs as it was designed to do.

Car Seat - Jane Gravity

When it comes to car seats, there is safety is the top priority always. Installation, design, functionality, and every other descriptive is secondary. When it comes to safety, the Gravity meets and exceeds the higher crash testing requirements. It has a fitted harness and headrest that provide synchronized adjustment. 5-point harness that spreads the loads across the body better in the event of an accident. It has a 360° rotating seat system makes entering and switching ride positions incredibly easy. It will take only a few seconds to secure your child facing you, then rotate the seat into the desired position. It takes minutes to install and its good looks is an added perk. Check them out at

Why we love it: Safety is everything when it comes to a child riding in the car. Jane exceeds the safety requirements and it does it in style. This seat grows with your little one and the creators cover all of the bases when thinking what functionalities a parent will want in their car seat.

Diapers - Beau & Belle Littles Nageuret One Size Reusable Swim Diaper

This is a high-quality product that will be able to grow with your little ones for years, as well as one that is super comfortable and has trendy patterns. This swim diaper is one that moms and kiddos can both enjoy; no poop down the legs and a good seal all the way around the legs as well as the waist, in order to avoid embarrassing pool evacuations. The Nageuret is adjustable from about 3 months to 3 years. One Nageuret Swim Diaper costs about the same as one pack of disposable swim diapers, but unlike disposable diapers, the Nageuret Swim Diaper does not end up in a landfill, helping save the planet that we love and enjoy for future generations to love and enjoy. Check them out at

Why we love it: Can anyone say toxic-free and reusable for up to 3 years? What is more to love? Did we mention that Beau & Belle Littles donates a sizable percentage of its earnings to Compassion International which works to educate and bring children and their families out of poverty world wide.

Pacifiers & Teethers - EcoViking Organic Naturals Rubber Pacifier (orthodontic)

EcoViking is not reinventing the wheel of natural pacifiers, they are just on a mission do more. EcoViking Natural Rubber Pacifier is made of 100% natural rubber which is free from PVC, BPA, plastic and other toxins and chemicals. Their natural rubber products are made from ecologically sustainable natural rubber from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis. So you can feel good about what is in your baby's mouth as well as how are planet is being treated. Check them out at

Why we love it: When it comes to pacifiers and teethers you want most natural and toxic-free option you can get your hands on. EcoViking delivers on that promise, and gives back to good causes such as Save the Children International.

Potty Training - Kanga Care Lil Learnerz Training Pants

When your little one is ready to leave the diapers behind but still needs help and protection, Kangacare's Lil Learnerz will become that essential aid. Lil Learnerz look like big kid underwear and come in multiple fun prints and vibrant color combinations.  Lil Learnerz are made with IMWET TECHNOLOGY™! This feature lets your toddler feel wet when they have had an accident. This helps them learn more about their body and aids in the potty learning process. Lil Learnerz are breathable and soft with a hypoallergenic layer that rests against your child’s skin. Lil Learnerz are also waterproof and can hold a heavy accident with no trouble. The inside is made up of an absorbent, dual layer, microfiber core. Lil Learnerz are easy to pull up and down by your little learner! Just like real underwear! Lil Learnerz are available in five sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. The Extra Small and Small sizes also feature side snapping release panels for easy-off in case of accidents with early learners. Check them out at

Why we love it: We love Kanga Care's entire collection of award winning diapers and training pants are no exception. Julie Ekstrom, founder of Kanga Care, set out on a mission in 2006 to provide the highest quality cloth diapers, and she is accomplishing just that. These Lil Learnerz with the addition of their innovative IMWET Technology are must-owns for your in-training baby.

Swaddles - Mookie Merino 4-Season Sleeping Bag

The MookieMerino 4-Season Baby Sleep Bag is the most luxurious baby sleep bag. It is made of organic Australian merino wool (from non mulesed sheep) which is pure, 100% natural, durable, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. When you feel it, you'll want your own. It is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and helps with skin conditions like eczema. Merino wool is the perfect natural fibre for babies: it naturally assists in regulating baby’s body temperature, so no freezing or overheating, which means better sleep. The quality (17.9 microns) of the merino wool used is premium and categorized as “Extra Fine” by Woolmark, which is extremely rare and is the best for baby’s sensitive skin. Check them out at

Why we love it: Yet a very savvy and motivated mother (which we love) created a must-own sleeping bag for your child. It is so light yet so comforting and snug for your little one. Additionally, Mookie Merino supports Every Mother Counts, and receives her wool from non mulesed sheep (google it at your own discretion).

Wipes - Charlie Banana 10 Organic Cotton Wipes

Charlie Banana Organic Cotton Wipes are ideal for every moment of the day, especially to clean your baby's bottom. These single-sided wipes consist of one layer of soft 100% organically-grown cotton yarn. They are strong enough to handle the dirtiest of diapers, but won't harm or irritate your baby. They are ideal for baby's gentle skin. Wet them with a little warm water and your baby will enjoy changing time every time. Charlie Banana has been a leader in the non-toxic, zero-waste movement. Founder, Gaelle Wizenberg, has created an awesome line of must-own eco-friendly baby products since the company's conception. Check them out at

Why we love it: The wipes are organic, long-lasting and can serve more purposes than one. Stop wasting so much paper and limit your waste. Switch to these great fantastic wipes!

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