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Best Eco Breast Feeding Gear 2018

Below is a list of winners from the 2018 Eco Excellence Awards in the Breastfeeding category. They have all showcased excellence in sustainability, safety, social responsibility, and health and wellness. For the full list of our 2018 Eco Excellence Winners please refer to this page.

Cover-Ups - Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl

Cute and functional nursing shawls are hard to come by, but this nursing shawl is a winner. So stylish and discreet, no one will know it’s a nursing cover. Fashion meets functionality - bamboobies® Chic Nursing Shawl is a versatile wardrobe essential for maternity, nursing, and beyond! Its comfortable and light, you can use as a scarf, a shawl, or even cover your baby's carseat when he or she is ready for a nap at an outing. Check them out at

Why we love it: It is made of rayon from bamboo and a pinch of spandex, and it makes a difference. Bamboobies is another mother-inspired company on a mission to deliver the healthiest and natural solutions for likeminded mothers. From this shawl, to their pads and bras, they use some the best and safest fabrics for your skin.

Nursing Bras - Cake Lingerie Milk Bamboo Sleep and Nursing Bra

The Cake Lingerie Milk nursing bra is made from a soft, sustainable bamboo yarn - the perfect fibers for the ideal sleep bra! It has clever hidden concealed moisture wicking pockets (for the nursing pads). The racer back reinforced back construction means the bra stays in place and the straps don't fall off the shoulders while sleeping or breastfeeding during the night. The crossover cups are ‘pull aside’ allow easy access during those sleepy feeds. Check them out at

Why we love it: Cake Lingerie makes nursing feel a lot sexier, not to mention more comfortable and easy. They have bras that fit and flex for every body type. There are no hassles with buttons or straps when it comes to feeding your child. Simply slide the cup to side and feed. Made with bamboo!

Nursing Pads - Kindred Bravely Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

One of the highest quality reusable nursing breast pads that you can buy! Softer, and more absorbent and durable than cotton. Use with or without your favorite nipple creams for breastfeeding comfort. Perfect for chafed or sore nipples and nursing mothers sensitive skin. Contoured to fit better in your nursing bra. Not too thick and not too thin and just the right size so they don't show. Multipack includes 4 pairs (8 pads) in each pack with a cute carry bag with each purchase. The waterproof bag is perfect for carrying wet pads. Check them out at

Why we love it: Bamboo is the common thread between all of the winners in our Breast Feeding category. Rightfully so. It is soft, flexible, and strong preventing any leaks. These pads are durable, comfortable, reusable, and come with a cute bag to store your pads. It's a secret asset all nursing mothers should know about.