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Best Eco Fashion 2018

Below is a list of winners from the 2018 Eco Excellence Awards in the Fashion category. They have all showcased excellence in a form of sustainability, safety, social responsibility, and health and wellness. For the full list of our 2018 Eco Excellence Winners please refer to this page.

Accessories - Treehut Create Your Own All Wooden Strap

Founded on the belief that life is best spent creating lasting memories with the people you love, Treehut helps commemorate the moments that matter most. From watches to jewelry, to sunglasses and more, Treehut helps you celebrate all of your life’s moments in a way that is unique to you and the people you love most. The watches in particular are all made from real wood and they can be custom made to your liking. There are neutral matching couples watches (shown above) and there are more gender specific watches, some of which are made with natural marble. Just beautiful design and great use of material. Check the watches out at

Why we love it: Treehut wood is sourced from FSC certified forests and are renewable, biodegradable, and chemical-free, ensuring we protect both you and this big, beautiful planet we all call home.

Fashion for Mom - Davy J

Davy J is a swimwear brand for the wild. Designed to survive a dive, pull off a cliff jump or handle a waterfall, it's a new kind of beachwear - one that you can swim in. Their first collection uses 100% regenerated nylon yarn from waste including spent and ghost fishing nets. Their suits are designed to last longer, fighting the trend of throwaway fashion and creating something that can keep up with you in all conditions. A double lined, high elastane composition provides extra strength, durability and shape; with hidden rubber edging and cross back designs our styles are built to ensure you surface from the water in the same condition as you entered it. Check the suits out at:

Why we love it: According to Davy J, an average of 640,000 tons of fishing nets are left in the oceans every year (1/10 of all marine litter). For every ton of waste nets collected there is enough nylon regenerated to create more than 10,000 swimsuits. Not to mention, Davy J will is working hard to create a closed circle economy with swim suits that have reached their end life. That is vision. What can you not love about that?

Fashion for Kids - Art & Eden

Too often we forget that good health is not just achieved through nutrition, but from what the largest organ of our body's absorbs topically. It does matter what we wear, and it certainly matters for our developing children. Art & Eden produces all their clothes with organic and recycled fabrics and safer dyes. No harsh-chemicals touching your child's skin, but the cuteness and functionality still remains. Shop from all of their boy and girl looks and start feeling better about the products you buy for your children. Check the suits out at:

Why we love it: Art & Eden takes holistic approach to sustainability, including every touch point from creation to product to consumer and beyond.They believe the world becomes better by the conscious choices we get to make as individuals. To this effect they launched two programs a Global Impact Program and a Local Impact Program as part of our core DNA to use business as a force for good. Which are aimed at helping millions of children get access to medical help in poor countries, as well as mentoring special needs kids in their home town of New Jersey. Just awesome.

Fashion for Dad - Lunapads Boxer Brief Period Underwear

Lunapads has been making innovative and sustainable period products for over 20 years. With a wide range of washable cloth pads and absorbent underwear, they are working hard to provide menstruators around the world with alternatives to the environmental nightmare that is disposable menstrual products. As well, Lunapads is an ethical, social-mission based business. As one of only 1000 certified B Corporation worldwide, we’ve had our business audited to ensure we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Why we love it: Lunapads is tackling one of the major issues we have in our society today - chemicals encroaching on our ver y vulnerable and sensitive bodies. Now more than ever word is getting out about diseases and illnesses stemming from pads and tampons containing chemicals. We need companies like Lunapads that are fighting for us, and not trying to appease stakeholders by driving up margins and unsafe products.

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