Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands 2020


We like our clothes how we like our bedsheets - soft, breathable, and durable. Cariiloha offers both, but let's focus on their clothes. Cariloha is the only retail brand offering full lines of ultra-soft bedding, apparel, and bath goods made from eco-friendly bamboo, one of the most renewable, sustainable resources on the planet. If you didn’t know bamboo fabrics are twice as soft and 3 degrees cooler than cotton-based fabrics. Also, without using any pesticides or harmful chemicals, our bamboo fabrics naturally repel odors and allergens and wick moisture away from the body. Not only will you look good wearing their clothes, but you will also feel good about it.

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Organic Basics

The fashion industry is dirty - but it can be better. They constantly search for better innovation, they have a visionary use of sustainable materials - and a continued focus on ethical production. This goes without mentioning the simply Stunningly designed best-sellers including briefs for women, bras, active leggings, tees, sports bras, bralettes, bikinis, thongs, and more. Everything is so soft and durable. The packaging is entirely recyclable. It makes supporting and transitioning purchases to an ethical fashion simple.

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Nui Organics

Born in 2004, Nui Organics has a long-standing reputation of producing quality wool and cotton garments. Using quality material with a commitment to ethical sourcing, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact the garments feel good in every way. You will find many of our editor's children with pieces from Nui Organics. Their clothing is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and playful. Don't be surprised if you will find yourself reaching for one of their pieces more often than the other clothes you purchased for your children.

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Eco-disrupting the optical world with a product made from trash! The first brand of optical and sunglasses made with recycled marine plastic waste that they collect thanks to their collaboration in 30 ports of Spain with thousands of fishermen that deposit plastic waste, ropes, abandoned nets,... in their containers. One ton of waste is collected per day. Products are sold across Europe in thousands of optical stores and soon in Canada. Proving that plastic waste is a great source of raw material even in the fashion industry. A generation has a huge impact, thanks to the tens of thousands of consumers that wear our glasses and feel part of our cause and advocate for a cleaner planet, cleaner Oceans, recycling more, and pushing for a circular economy. Vegan certification and Cradle to Cradle.