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Best Nursery Products of 2019

Timberchild Stacking Puzzle

Becoming a parent shifts makes you see the world in very unexpected ways. For Kisha Kinrade it was the shocking lack of eco-friendly and non-toxic tableware for children. After becoming a mother in BC Canada, she and her husband James quickly realized that most of the products on the market meant for use on babies and children contain dyes, chemicals, petroleum based products, preservatives, formaldehyde and a lot of other toxic crap! They also found that it was close to impossible to find 100% natural, Eco friendly plates that did not contain plastics, melamine, laminates or mineral oil. So, they turned to their own backyard for materials and what turned into a micro solution for their home, blossomed into a complete brand with a beautiful line of tableware and toys.

The Stacking Puzzle is made using walnut and maple, and is finished in hemp oil.

What we love about the stacking puzzle is your family can enjoy it as a playtime game, but it can also look wonderful simply resting on your shelves as decor.

Check them out here:

Comfort Design Mats - Designer Non-Toxic and Easy-to-Clean Foam Play Mat

Comfort Design Mats create gorgeous shared spaces for play, work, and better living. These premium quality mats combine the best features of foam play mats with area rug designs to keep your home looking beautiful. They come in an array of colors and patterns that complement your home decor while giving your children a spacious, padded place to crawl, walk, and play. They are waterproof, hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and made with a thick, cushy-soft, non-toxic foam—definitely not like the typical puzzle mat material you might be thinking of.

More practical than tile mats and rugs, little ones and grownups (even pets) love how comfortable these one-piece designer mats are. They are easy to clean, won’t shed, and won’t accumulate stains or buildup. Unlike interlocking mats, they won’t let liquids seep through, or come apart during active play.

Check them out here:

Mokulock Building Blocks

In beautiful Yamagata, Japan, a tech company subletting expensive equipment to process a variety of materials to build things like the personal computer, decided to take on a new task. The task was to deliver their “neighbor” mother nature to those who can hardly recognize in everyday life. The result were beautiful building blocks carved out from a solid piece of wood. No surface finishing oil, chemical, paint, or glue is used. The wood is harvested right in their backyard from trees that are carefully cut down in the winter for forest thinning to promote tree growth. The trees not used for local architecture are turned into these super fun blocks that are warm to the touch, with a comforting aroma, and a naturally beautiful color and texture.

Check them out here:

Colgate Eco Spring 2-N-1

The Eco Spring 2-N-1 was designed to bring eco-friendlier sleep to your baby. This high-quality innerspring crib mattress features a dual-firmness design, engineered to provide both the firmness infants need for proper development and the comfort toddlers prefer. The cover of the mattress is made with a certified Organic Cotton cover. The Eco Spring 2-N-1’s spring unit is exceptionally high quality, made of 190 coils of thick 14-gauge tempered steel and 6.0-gauge border rods for sturdy edge support. The spring unit is surrounded by eco-friendlier foam made with plant oils and coir fiber insulator pads from coconut shell husks. These sustainable component materials are covered with a certified organic cotton cover, which is waterproof backed,, tear-resistant, and, best of all, ultra-soft on baby’s skin.

Like all Colgate mattresses, the Colgate Eco Spring 2-N-1 is GREENGUARD® Gold certified, CertiPUR-US® certified, CPSIA compliant, and compliant with all federal and state flammability requirements, without the use of fire retardant chemicals. Your Eco Spring 2-N-1 is proudly handcrafted in the USA by Colgate, the Crib Mattress Specialist ®, a family-owned and operated business.

Check them out here:

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