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Best Parent Gear of 2019

Diapers - GDiapers GPants

Diaper Different. That’s their slogan, and that is what will burrow into your brain after having a trial with the GPants (39.99 on their website now). Whether you are new or seasoned parent, you need to know the truth about your baby’s diapers. Traditional disposable diapers are filled with chemicals from the inner layer to the absorbent core. There is enough science-based evidence that shows these chemicals can and do cause reactions to your baby, we just don’t know the full extent of what damage these diapers could truly be doing. Beyond the chemicals, traditional diapers are a great convenience, BUT environmentalists would cringe at the thought of using them. Why? Because what gDiapers co-founder, Kim Graham-Nye, always exclaims is that roughly 50 million diapers go into landfill in the USA everyday and that the normal disposable diaper takes 500 years to decompose! That’s something that parents need to really think about given the current health of our planet.

The good news is that gDiapers makes going cloth easy, fashionable, and fun. Their gPants have super comfy cotton for your little one, they fit snug to prevent leaks, and have a disposable insert that is compostable and or flushable! That’s right, turn your baby's waste into some beautiful flowers, or dispose of it like a potty-trained adult. Gdiapers is an excellent buy for parents old and new. Their support team will make sure that you have everything you need to create a healthier life for your baby and for our planet.

Check them out here:

KNITIT - Bamboo + 37.5 Swaddelini

The swaddle has received an upgrade. We all know the benefits of limiting the motor activity of newborns and mimicking the mother’s womb with swaddles, but you cannot help but feel guilty when you see a baby so restricted. Swaddelini reduced some of that guilt by creating a swaddle with hug technology, no closure systems, easy access diaper changing gap, made with soft bamboo, and 37.5 technology to regulate body temperature in the microclimate. It sounds like something we need in adult form! Most impressive is the 37.5 technology which helps control a person’s core temp and is used in some of the most sophisticated sports and casual apparel. We should also mention that these swaddles are made in a sustainable 3D kitting process with 0 waste here in the states. Trust us, this is a must-try for new parents.

Check them out here:

Larktale - The Chit Chat

The Chit Chat, Larktale’s second product, is a distinct and highly maneuverable everyday stroller for children from 6 months old up to 55 lbs. Retailing at $199.99, the Chit Chat is developed with patented SpaceFrame™ Technology, using recyclable fiber-infused nylon to create a lightweight, yet incredibly strong frame. The Chit Chat’s ergonomic design makes it efficient and easy to maneuver, and weighing in at only 14 lbs., the Chit Chat is easy to carry and stow. Designed to be a lightweight everyday stroller, The Chit Chat is also ideal for travel and is equipped with easy-to-use features.

The Chit Chat’s features include a UPF 50+ Sun Canopy with pop-out visor, a One-Step Recline allowing for a comfortable sleeping environment suitable for children starting at 6 months; a Quick Trigger Fold Release to allow the stroller to fold flat in seconds while a Detachable Shoulder Strap promotes easy carrying. A Front Wheel Suspension system with puncture proof tires helps to soak up road bumps while the comfort padded handlebar offers One-Hand Steering.

Check them out here:

Humble-Bee Free Spirit Diaper Bag

Humble-Bee was founded by adventurous parents who believe staying active and engaged with the world around us is the best way to raise strong kids and build happy families.

As millennial parents who live by this lifestyle, they understand the needs and challenges parents face to bring the kids out of the house, whether it’s traveling, hiking, running errands, spending a day at the beach, gathering with friends, or exploring your own backyard. Through thoughtful design and craftsmanship, Humble-Bee inspires parents to enjoy doing what they love by outfitting them with a versatile line of bags and accessories built to endure the toughest conditions with superior, use lightweight materials, machine washable, equipped with 2 insulated pockets to hold 2 bottles, complete changing kit, and an all weather-repellent exterior for those rainy days. This bag is simply great for body weight distribution, functionality, and modest style.

Check them out here:

Car Seats - Nuna Bugaboo Turtle

Nuna draws their latest technological and safety advancement from one of nature’s most formidable creatures - the turtle. Ok, maybe not formidable, but certainly one of nature’s most defensively equipped animals. And that is what the Nuna Bugaboo Turtle brings to the table along with some added style and comfort. Let’s start with the base of the car seat. It is incredibly easy to install, has the Rigid Latch (making it simple for anyone to attach), has a load leg (back up safety measure should you be in an accident), the classic bubble level indicators, and the optional lockoff for seat belt installation. The car seat is made with super breathable and stylish textiles. The top cover has an extended cover option that can pull down and complete the turtle shell optimal for when your baby is sleeping. The car seat is currently only compatible with the Nuna Fox. We love the look, but more importantly, we love the safety. Nuna went above and beyond to ensure our needs as parents are met.

Check them out here:

Jackson Reece - Kinder By Nature Natural Baby Wipes

All of the products from the Jackson Reece brand are made from plant and vegetable extracts only! They source the finest natural and organic ingredients, and use only those that are proven to be nurturing to the skin and good for the planet. One of the most notable features of their baby wipes is their use of 100% biodegradable wood pulp that is obtained from FSC certified forests. Their wipes have been tested by an independent laboratory that shows in a compost or land fill their wipes will decompose naturally in 12 weeks. While many companies are now jumping on the bandwagon to reduce single-use plastics in their products, Jackson Reece continues to produce wipes that are 100% natural fibers that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

We cannot tell you how many conversations we have had with parents about reducing soreness and reactions on their baby’s behinds by simply understanding what is in the wipes they are using. Our skin is our largest organ and it is susceptible to everything we put on it. Jackson Reece is honest and upfront about what they use in their products, so they provide explanation on all of their labels for the purpose of each ingredient. That way consumers will feel more comfortable with the substances they are using on their skin. We have never had a bad experience with these wipes nor the company.

Check them out here:

MItteez Ultimate Baby Teething Mitten - Stage One

What an exceptional idea! A little mitten that fits snug on your baby’s hands that they can chew on and you can feel safe about. All of Mitteez products are all made from the most natural, organic and safe materials. Their teething mittens are specifically designed for the early and late stages of teething. The teether is 100% non-toxic, made from food grade safe silicone. Invented and created by a mother to ensure safety and functionality so it’s simple to use anywhere.

Offering relief to your little one while teething, and keeping from dropping to the ground. Easy sanitization, as they created a removable teething mitty which is parent and baby-friendly. Medically endorsed as the #1 safest teething mitty. And a bonus it comes with a rattle to keep your little one entertained. There are a lot of options when it comes to teethers, this is one of the select few we would recommend.

Check them out here:

Milkbar - The Lifestyle Pillow

We tested this pillow with a few of our mommy lab mommies and they all agreed that the comfort and posture support made this a stand out breastfeeding pillow for them. The lifestyle pillow is an Australian design. Designed by a mother for mother problems. It’s ideal as a pregnancy pillow, portable travel pillow, comfy support pillow, (breast)feeding pillow and is available in a range of designer colors to match your decor. Lactation consultants and physiotherapists also love the Milkbar because it helps position baby for comfortable attachment. Designed higher at one end so the baby's head is at breast height when breastfeeding, Milkbar feeding pillows help to reduce reflux symptoms, back pain and shoulder strain while breastfeeding. The product cover is 100% cotton, although we wish it was organic, and it has a carry handle and is super easy to wash.

Check them out here:

Frankly Eco Nipple Ointment

Developed by a Lactation Consultant, Anna Scullie, it is one of the few plant-based (vegan) breastfeeding creams on the market. While lanolin is a popular option to soothe sore or inflamed nipples it's believed the sheep's wool fat can be harmful to infants who potential ingest any residue left on the mother's breast. Frankly Eco Nipple Ointment is made only from safe, non-toxic, natural plant-based ingredients – meaning if any residue left on the breast is injected this does not pose any risk to the baby when they feed. Their ointment features Chamomile and organic Calendula to assist in soothing delicate skin that is sore and inflamed. It soothes and protects sore pregnancy and/or breastfeeding nipples when massaged on and around the nipple and also contains beads of Candelilla Wax, which melt into the skin when applied and act as a natural moisture barrier.

Frankly Eco natural skincare is proudly Australian made, owned and operated. They are also registered to the vegan society who certify that their products are cruelty-free and made only from plant-based ingredients.

Check them out here:

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